About Joyra



Parent organisation

Rohini group a reputed business and philanthropicalconglomerate guided by group chairman Shri.Neela Marthandan empowered by his sons and directors of the group Dr.N.Mohan Neela judith,Dr.N. Neela Vishnu and ER.N.Neela Smith managing the retail ,education and construction verticals of the group.


Joyra Traders

Joyra traders is the registered health care retail business of Rohini group through which the Joyra medicals brand and its branches starts upon. The business was registered 2nd day of December 2016.


Joyra Medicals Nagercoil

Joyra medicals – Nagercoil is the first venture cum first branch of the Joyra traders company. The large format outlet started its sale on 13 February 2017.